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CCRBCTR Unique Trial Number Recruitment Status Official Scientific Title of the Study Registration Date Last Update Date  
CUHK_CCRB00605 Recruiting PREhabilitation for improving QUality of recovery after ELective cardiac surgery study (PREQUEL): a randomised controlled trial
擇期心臟手術前復康計劃研究: 隨機對照試驗
2018-05-02 2024-05-23 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00651 Complete Validation Study of the Traditional Chinese Version of ICIQ-UI Short Form (ICIQ-UI SF)
ICIQ-UI Short Form (ICIQ-UI SF) 繁體中文版之確認研究
2018-12-28 2024-05-16 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00529 Recruiting A randomised controlled trial on routine episiotomy versus restrictive episiotomy in Chinese nulliparous women
2016-09-19 2024-04-19 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00548 Complete A randomized placebo controlled trial on effect of modified traditional Chinese medicine formula Wuzi Yanzong Pill on improving semen qualities in men with sub-optimal parameters
2017-02-27 2023-08-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00541 Recruiting Incidence of intrauterine adhesion after manual vacuum aspiration for first-trimester miscarriages
2016-12-22 2023-08-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00510 Complete A randomized study to investigate the effect of focal zone size on treatment outcomes in patients undergoing extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy to renal calculi
2016-05-09 2023-03-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00620 Complete “COMBO-KEY” (Coaching Ongoing Momentum Building On stroKe rEcovery journeY) - A home visiting and phone coaching programme to promote stroke survivors’ recovery: A territory-wide project
「甘寶–中風復康動力教與練 家訪電話雙軌支援」:全港性研究計劃
2018-09-03 2022-11-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00629 Complete Personalized Risk-based Care and Education for Early Survivors of Childhood Cancer in Hong Kong
2018-10-19 2022-07-25 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00467 Complete Low-concentration Atropine for Myopia Prevention (LAMP-2) Study
2015-08-06 2022-06-14 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00647 Complete A randomized controlled trial of laser treatment in women with stress urinary incontinence
2018-12-18 2022-04-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00545 Complete The effects of a modelling-based narrative intervention on care-seeking behavioural intention and prehospital care-seeking delay in patients with acute myocardial infarction.
2017-02-02 2022-03-31 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00616 Complete Promoting brain health among people with suboptimal cognitive functioning in Hong Kong: A Brain Vitality Enhancement (BRAVE) program
促進香港輕微認知障礙患者的腦部健康 - 增強大腦活力計劃
2018-07-23 2022-03-31 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00591 Suspended Measurement of the Rates of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thinning to Guide Management of Myopic Glaucoma Patients
2018-03-09 2022-03-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00534 Recruiting Study to investigate the correlation between Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow with sleep-related symptoms in Allergic Rhinitis
2016-11-21 2022-03-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00639 Recruiting A Cross-sectional Study on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients in Hong Kong with and without Allergic Rhinitis
2018-12-07 2022-03-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00584 Complete Effects of immersive virtual reality as distraction intervention in reducing pain and anxiety among paediatric cancer patients undergoing peripheral intravenous catheters insertion: a pilot trial
2018-02-12 2022-03-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00600 Complete A community health worker-led multimedia intervention to increase cervical cancer screening uptake among South Asians women: A randomized controlled trial
Not applicable
2018-04-10 2022-03-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00627 Recruiting Randomised controlled study to examine the efficacy of sleep education on extending sleep duration of pre-school children
教育家長對改善學前兒童睡眠的成效 - 隨機對照研究
2018-10-11 2022-02-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00640 Complete Psychological Adjustment of Transgender Individuals in Hong Kong: The role of Gender Identity Acceptance, Social Support and Coping Style
2018-12-07 2021-08-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00646 Suspended Psychological Adjustment of Transgender Individuals in Hong Kong: An Intervention Study
跨性別人士的心理健康: 有關介入方式的研究
2018-12-17 2021-08-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00331 Recruiting Prospective Randomized Comparison of the Block Dynamics after a Traditional Landmark Based and Ultrasound Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block
2012-08-06 2021-08-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00391 Recruiting Multi-level Thoracic Paravertebral Block and Its Effects on Acute and Chronic Pain, and Health-Related Quality of Life after Major Breast Cancer Surgery. Changed to new title in 2018 as: Thoracic Paravertebral Block and the Risk of Developing Chronic Pain after Major Breast Cancer Surgery. A Prospective Randomized Study Comparing a Single-level versus Multi-level Thoracic Paravertebral Block
2014-01-22 2021-08-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00551 Recruiting The effects of a strengths–based intervention based on salutogenic model on sense of coherence, coping, psychological status and health-related quality of life of family caregivers of persons with dementia
2017-04-06 2021-08-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00505 Recruiting Enhancing the self-care of Chinese patients with chronic heart failure: Does an empowerment-based educational model make a difference?
2016-04-06 2021-08-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00615 Complete A Biobehavioral Model to Understanding Cognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes in Young Survivors of Childhood Leukemia
2018-07-18 2021-07-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00322 Complete Impact of Electrocoagulation versus a gelantine-thrombin matrix sealant (FloSeal©) on ovarian reserve after laparoscopic stripping of ovarian endometriomas
2012-07-03 2021-07-22 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00383 Complete Low Concentration Atropine for Myopia Progression Study (LAMP)
2013-12-17 2021-07-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00523 Complete Prevention of lymphocele with Floseal in renal transplantation: A multicentre randomized controlled trial
2016-08-19 2021-05-31 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00650 Complete An open uncontrolled trial of Imagery Rescripting for Depression
2018-12-28 2021-03-19 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00631 Complete Honest Open Proud: a randomized control trial on its effectiveness in reducing self-stigma among people with mental illness in Hong Kong
2018-11-05 2021-03-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00634 Complete Mindful Flourishing-Promoting college students’ mental well-being through cultivation of mindfulness with online and offline approaches
2018-11-09 2021-03-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00526 Complete Investigation of swallowing patterns in irradiated head and neck cancer patients by electromyography and nerve conduction tests
2016-09-06 2021-02-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00587 Complete A pilot trial comparing the first-pass intubation success of the Airtraqlaryngoscope versus the Macintosh direct laryngoscope in patients requiringgeneral anaesthesia for elective operation.
2018-02-28 2021-02-05 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00562 Complete External validation of pharmacokinetic models of prolonged infusion of dexmedetomidine in adult critically ill patients
2017-09-05 2021-02-02 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00535 Complete A Prospective Randomized Control Trial on the Effectiveness of Bowen Therapy for management of Myofascial Neck pain and Enhancement of Nurse Triage
2016-11-24 2021-01-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00574 Recruiting A Prospective Randomized Comparison of the Effects of Lidocaine and Ropivacaine on Block Dynamic after a Costoclavicular Brachial Plexus Block
2018-01-09 2021-01-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00641 Recruiting The use of electromagnetic transduction therapy in patients with chronic myofascial pain attending an outpatient pain management clinic: a pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial
2018-12-07 2021-01-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00652 Complete Validation of a Fertility Status Awareness Tool (FertiSTAT) to Access the Fertility Problem among Hong Kong Chinese
2019-01-04 2020-12-09 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00582 Complete Epileptic seizure detection by neural network architecture based on semiology of video recording
利用(Spatial-Temporal GRU Convolutional Neural Network)深度學習的方法開發新型的智能電腦軟件以分析腦癎發作
2018-02-07 2020-12-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00630 Recruiting Multi-disciplinary Support for Patients with Epilepsy and Psychotropic Drug Use
2018-10-19 2020-12-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00638 Complete “The Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality in Reducing Public Stigma in the University Population of Hong Kong: A Randomized Controlled Trial”.
沉浸式虛擬實境對態度及行為的影響: 隨機對照試驗
2018-12-04 2020-12-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00604 Complete The effects of strengths-based dyadic program on health-related quality of life (HRQL) of people with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia in the community
探討中度認知障礙及中度腦退化症患者及其照顧者參與優勢取向計劃後 在改善與健康相關之生活質素的成效之研究
2018-05-02 2020-11-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00539 Recruiting The effect of physical activity on sperm quality
2016-12-20 2020-10-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00540 Recruiting A study on the relation between semen compositions and chromatin status for better selection of sperm for in vitro fertilization
2016-12-20 2020-10-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00503 Recruiting Transcriptome studies of endometrium and peripheral blood in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the relationship to clinical outcome
2016-03-30 2020-10-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00612 Complete Efficacy of preoperative intravenous iron isomaltoside in colorectal cancer surgical patients with iron deficiency anaemia compared to standard care: a pilot randomized controlled trial
為大腸癌病人在手術前給予經靜脈注射鐵質補充劑(Iron isomaltoside)的效能 – 先導隨機對照試驗
2018-06-26 2020-09-04 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00447 Complete Can we prevent insomnia? A randomized controlled trial of brief cognitive-behavioral insomnia prevention program for high-risk adolescents
失眠可以預防嗎? 針對高危青少年預防失眠的隨機對照認知行為計劃
2015-02-11 2020-08-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00592 Complete Brachial Plexus Block (BPB) and its effects on Regional tissue Oxygen saturation (rSO2) in the ipsiliateral upper extremity
2018-03-09 2020-08-10 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00573 Complete A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Single and Multiple Injection for Ultrasound Guided Costoclavicular Brachial Plexus Block
2017-12-14 2020-08-10 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00565 Complete Subparaneural Sciatic Nerve Blocks Above and Below Its Bifurcation at the Popliteal Fossa: A Prospective Randomized Study
2017-09-07 2020-08-10 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00632 Complete Pain Management in Children with Cancer: A Drug Utilization Review and Survey of Parents' Perception
2018-11-07 2020-07-23 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00649 Recruiting Do endometrial leucocytes and angiogenesis in the peri-implantation period predict hypertensive disorders in the subsequent pregnancy?
2018-12-18 2020-07-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00495 Recruiting The relationship between serum lead level and semen parameters
2016-01-04 2020-07-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00439 Complete Progressive lamina cribrosa deformation – A biomarker for fast progressors in glaucoma?
2014-11-24 2020-07-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00542 Not Yet Recruiting A pilot dose-finding study of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in inducing ovulation in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
2016-12-22 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00576 Recruiting Buscopan® for pain control in manual vacuum aspiration (MVA): A randomized controlled trial
2018-01-10 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00575 Recruiting Incidence of intrauterine adhesion after use of Floseal to control placental bed bleeding
2018-01-10 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00577 Recruiting Adenomyosis in infertility patients and those with recurrent implantation failure
2018-01-11 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00513 Complete The physical and psychological outcome of manual vacuum aspiration, expectant management, surgical evacuation or medical evacuation with single dose 800mcg vaginal misoprostol for women with first trimester miscarriage
2016-05-20 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00443 Complete Evaluation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone as a predictive marker in ovarian reserve and assisted reproductive technology
2015-01-20 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00497 Recruiting Role of chronic endometritis in reproductive failure
2016-01-04 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00578 Recruiting A study to compare the endometrial features of women who did and did not benefit from endometrial scratch in the cycle preceding frozen embryo transfer
2018-01-12 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00580 Complete A study on the relation between semen quality, compositions and microflora in male HBV carriers
2018-01-17 2020-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00469 Complete A Randomized Control Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Intra-articular Injections of Mesenchymal Stem Cells versus Hyaluronic Acid in Patients Affected by Osteoarthritis of the Knee
2015-08-20 2020-05-14 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00472 Complete Patient and family satisfaction levels in the intensive care unit after elective cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial of a preoperative patient education intervention
2015-08-25 2020-04-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00525 Complete Effectiveness of a program of massage, controlled breathing and visualization used in Chinese primigravida during intrapartum pain relief management from 36 weeks gestation: A Randomised Control Trial
2016-09-02 2020-04-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00160 Recruiting A randomized, double-blind, controlled study of Omegaven for prophylaxis against parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis (PNAC) in infants requiring prolonged parenteral nutrition
2008-03-31 2020-04-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00436 Complete Efficacy of Heparin eye drops for management of vernal keratoconjunctivitis: Randomized Controlled Trial
2014-10-24 2020-04-15 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00491 Complete The effects of moderate-intensity exercise-based intervention on moderate sleep complaint in older population: a sequential mixed method study
2015-12-01 2020-04-09 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00390 Complete Pectoral nerve block to supplement a multi-level thoracic paravertebral block for surgical anesthesia during major breast cancer surgery: A prospective randomized double blind study
2014-01-22 2020-03-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00389 Complete A Randomized Comparison of Medial and Lateral Approaches for Ultrasound Guided Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block
2014-01-21 2020-03-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00388 Complete Does Circumferential Spread of Local Anaesthetic Shorten the Onset of Sensory-Motor Blockade after a Subparaneural Popliteal Sciatic Nerve Block ?
2014-01-21 2020-03-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00301 Complete Thoracic Paravertebral Block for Breast Cancer Surgery: Effects on Cancer Recurrence and Long Term Survival
not applicable, retrospective study, patient will be contacted by phone, consent waived
2011-12-08 2020-03-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00593 Recruiting Efficacy and economic evaluation of Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy as treatment for anxiety and depression: A randomised controlled trial
2018-03-09 2020-03-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00590 Complete Beneficial effects of high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) versus standard low flow nasal cannula in patients undergoing left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO) under deep sedation: A randomized pilot crossover trial
2018-03-08 2020-03-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00554 Complete The effect of community nurse-led transitional care program to enhance patient and health service utilization outcomes for the older adults with high risk hospital readmissions: A randomized controlled trial
2017-04-27 2020-02-18 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00561 Recruiting The effect of scapular-focused programme on pain, function, life quality, subacromial space, scapular kinematics and muscle performance in patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy and scapular dyskinesis
2017-09-04 2020-01-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00642 Complete Development and Validation of a Fertility Status Awareness Tool to Access the Fertility Problem among Hong Kong Chinese
2018-12-10 2020-01-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00617 Complete The effectiveness of a nurse-led parental eczema education programme for Chinese parents on disease severity, treatment adherence of children with eczema and parental self-efficacy and quality of life of family members: A randomised controlled trial.
2018-08-01 2019-12-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00623 Complete Genome wide expression in infection and sepsis: a pilot propsective cohort study
2018-09-05 2019-12-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00622 Complete The MOSAICS II Study (Management of Sepsis in Asia's Intensive Care unitS): A prospective observational cohort study
2018-09-05 2019-12-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00452 Complete Randomized Evaluative Study of Phenylephrine Or Norepinephrine for maintenance of blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean Delivery: The RESPOND2 study
評估於脊髓麻醉剖腹生產期間隨機使用去氧腎上腺素“Phenylephrine”或去甲腎上腺素“Norepinephrine”維持產婦血壓 : 反應研究2
2015-04-09 2019-11-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00558 Complete Effects of a structured advance care planning among patients with advanced illness in acute care settings: a stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial
2017-06-29 2019-11-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00654 Recruiting Development of Objective Measure of Psychotropic Substances Abuse Using Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (ARIA)
2019-10-24 2019-10-25 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00581 Complete Clinical effectiveness of a neuromuscular training exercise based pain management program for community-dwelling elders with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a pragmatic randomized trial
2018-02-07 2019-10-22 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00566 Complete Feasibility and Safety of Early Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol in Patient Undergoing Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeries
2017-09-07 2019-09-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00507 Complete Perioperative prophylactic internal iliac artery balloon occlusion in the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in placenta praevia: a randomized controlled trial
2016-04-12 2019-09-16 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00366 Complete Randomised Placebo Controlled Trial of Inhaled Corticosteroids for Treatment of Acute Cough in Children
2013-04-26 2019-09-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00386 Recruiting A randomized study of surgical intervention for childhood obstructive sleep apnoea - cardiovascular perspective
2014-01-13 2019-09-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00277 Recruiting A randomized study of surgical intervention for mild childhood obstructive sleep apnoea – neurocognitive perspective
2010-12-21 2019-09-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00645 Recruiting Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the Atrial Fibrillation Effect on QualiTy-of-Life questionnaire and the Atrial Fibrillation Knowledge Scale
2018-12-12 2019-09-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00614 Complete Impact of Motivational Interviewing on the management of diabetic patients in the community: a pilot randomized controlled trial
2018-07-09 2019-09-05 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00141 Complete Cognitive Dysfunction after Anesthesia (CoDA) Study
2007-09-12 2019-09-04 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00586 Complete Electro-acupuncture plus warm needling therapy for heel pain: a randomized controlled trial
2018-02-12 2019-08-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00606 Complete Pre-exposure prophylaxis with on-demand versus daily TDF/FTC in men who have sex with men at high risk of HIV infection – a crossover study
2018-05-02 2019-08-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00533 Complete A preliminary study on the delivery of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for men who have sex with men (MSM) at high risk of HIV transmission through the application of a self-financed incentivized approach
2016-10-22 2019-08-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00613 Recruiting Randomized controlled trial on qNOX guidance vs Shafer's pharmacokinetics model in fentanyl-based analgesia during liver resection
2018-07-04 2019-08-09 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00609 Complete Real-time Ultrasound-guided Spinal Anaesthesia: Evaluation of a novel Transverse In-plane Technique
2018-05-24 2019-08-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00618 Complete Ultrasound Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block for Breast Cancer Surgery. A Retrospective Review of Complications.
not applicable, no active patient involvement, No Chinese title, Informed consent Waived
2018-08-09 2019-08-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCRB00625 Complete Dry Tap During Real-time Ultrasound-guided Paramedian Spinal Injection with Patient in the Lateral Position: A Retrospective Review
not applicable, no active patient involvement, No Chinese title, Informed consent Waived
2018-10-03 2019-08-08 Detail History