Seminar by Prof Dongsheng Tu

Visit by Prof. Tu, NCIC CTG and Queen’s University, Canada

Prof. Dongsheng Tu, National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group, visited the Division of Biostatistics of the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care on 17 April 2014. He delivers a seminar on the topic:

A Bayesian approach for identification and assessment of biomarkers predictive of cancer treatment

Abstract Identification and assessment of biomarkers which can be used to predict the response of a patient to a specific treatment is a very active research area of health sciences. The significance of the biomarker is usually assessed by a test of interaction between the biomarker and treatment. Many biomarkers are measured on a continuous scale. Still, in clinical practice, it is preferred patients can be classified into two categories, such as biomarker positive and negative based on a cut point. In this talk, I will present a Bayesian approach my colleagues and I developed recently, which can provide statistical inference simultaneously on the cut point and biomarker-treatment interaction.