Research Nurses/Clinical Research Professionals’ Training

Research Nurses/Clinical Research Professionals’s Training

CCRB organizes workshops for research nurses/clinical research coordinators by contract. The objectives of these workshops are to master basic knowledge in clinical trials conduct and process, to identify practical issues in conducting clinical trials more effectively, and to use relevant information to enhance clinical trials quality and protect patients’ rights.

  1. Workshop on Nursing Practices in Clinical Trials: Theory and Reality
    • Why nurses should know about clinical trials?
    • Good Clinical Practices (GCP) in conducting clinical trials
    • Enhancing clinical trials quality: Data management Process
    • Protecting Patient rights: Informed Consent Process
    • Developing clinical trials partnership culture in the workplace
  1. Clinical Research Professionals Workshop
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Research Professionals
    • Clinical Research Activities at Sites
    • Group Discussion: FDA Warning Letters
    • Clinical Trials Management Model at Clinical Site
    • Timing of Clinical research Development in Institution
    • Messages for Investigators