BIOS5002 Linear Models

This course will provide a foundation for the practical analysis of data for which the primary outcome is a continuous variable. The course will begin with an introduction to ‘real-world’ data analysis with a motivating example looking at predictors of infant birthweight in Hong Kong. Methods for multivariate analysis of predictors of continuous outcomes including one-way and two-way ANOVA and multiple linear regression will then be discussed in detail with an emphasis on correct use of these methods in practice.

WK Topic Teaching format Duration
1 Introduction to Data Analysis and Study Design LT 3h
2 One Way ANOVA and Two Way ANOVA LT 3h
3 Tutorial for ANOVA

Statistical Computing for ANOVA

LTC 1h 30m

1h 30m

4 Multiple Regression I LT 3h
5 Multiple Regression II LT 3h
6 Estimation and confidence intervals.Tutorial/Computing LT 3h
7 Statistical Computing for Multiple Regression & ANOVA LT 3h
8 Examination LT 2h