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CCRBCTR Unique Trial Number Recruitment Status Official Scientific Title of the Study Registration Date Last Update Date  
CUHK_CCT00155 Complete Post phacoemulsification cystoid macular edema: Incidence, risk factors and efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug in its prevention 2008-02-15 2012-04-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00156 Complete Intravitreal injection of Bevacizumab (Avastin®) as an adjunctive therapy of pterygium surgery to prevent recurrence: A pilot study 2008-02-15 2013-01-14 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00158 Complete Prospective trial of a herbal formula BYSH and saw palmetto in patients with hormonal refractory prostate cancer 2008-03-06 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00157 Complete Phaco-trabeculectomy with adjunctive intra-vitreal injection of bevacizumab (Avastin). A preliminary study 2008-03-20 2012-04-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00161 Complete A randomised, double-blind, controlled study of Omegaven for rescue treatment of parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis (PNAC) in infants requiring long-term parenteral nutrition
2008-03-31 2013-04-05 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00160 Recruiting A randomized, double-blind, controlled study of Omegaven for prophylaxis against parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis (PNAC) in infants requiring prolonged parenteral nutrition
2008-03-31 2020-04-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00152 Complete Randomized Trial Comparing Alfuzosin GITS 10 mg Daily With Placebo With Long Term Follow Up after successful Trial Without Catheter In Acute Urinary Retention 2008-04-10 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00163 Complete Effect of Shi Wei on urine biochemistry and crystallization properties in renal stone formers 2008-04-22 2009-11-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00159 Unknown Prospective randomized study of silicone stent intubation in endoscopic dacryocysto-rhinostomy for acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction - SEND study 2008-04-24 2011-04-01 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00162 Complete Use of niacin for erectile dysfunction in patients with concomitant hyperlipidaemia 2008-05-07 2011-04-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00164 Complete Clopidogrel plus Aspirin for Infarct Reduction in acute stroke/TIA patients with large artery stenosis and microembolic signal 2008-07-09 2009-11-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00165 Unknown Randomized, Short-term Trial of Gingko Biloba in the Treatment of Normal Tension and High-Tension Glaucoma 2008-07-11 2013-05-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00166 Complete A Prospective Study to Investigate the Effects of Different Shockwave Delivery Rates in Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy in Patients Suffer form Renal Calculi 2008-07-15 2012-04-03 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00168 Complete The Physical and Psychological Outcomes of Expectant Management, Surgical Evacuation or Medical Evacuation with Single Dose 800 mcg Vaginal Misoprostol for Women with First Trimester Miscarriage in a Randomized Controlled Trial 2008-08-28 2013-01-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00167 Complete A project on Pharmacist-initiated Diabetic Group Education in a General Outpatient Clinic 2008-09-09 2009-11-27 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00169 Unknown Impact of an Interdisciplinary Approach on Symptom Management of Newly Diagnosed Depressive Patients 2008-10-14 2012-06-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00170 Complete A randomized placebo controlled trial of Alternative Herbal Medicine (Danshen/Gegen) in the prevention of atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women with Hypercholesterolemia 2008-11-06 2011-03-04 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00173 Complete Pilot Study of Efficacy and safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine Gualou (fructus trichosanthis) in Treating beta-thalassaemia Intermedia Patients 2009-02-21 2009-11-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00186 Complete The Healing Effect of a Two-Herb Recipe on Foot Ulcer in Chinese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study 2009-03-09 2011-05-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00171 Complete A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Style Physical Exercise (Tai Chi) in the Maintenance of Cognitive and Functional Abilities in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment 2009-04-23 2009-11-23 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00188 Suspended Evaluation of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for Intraocular Pressure Lowering in Chinese Eyes – A pilot study 2009-07-27 2015-06-23 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00189 Unknown A randomized controlled trial to compare the efficacy and safety of 1) macular laser vs. 2) repeated intravitreal bevacizumab vs. 3) combined repeated intravitreal bevacizumab with macular laser for diabetic macular edema 2009-08-03 2012-07-31 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00191 Complete The impact of 60 verse 120 shock wave per minute on treatment outcome, renal injury and patients’ perception to pain in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for renal calculi: a randomized crossover clinical study 2009-08-07 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00192 Unknown Efficacy of TTS-fentanyl given after weak opioid in patients with cancer related pain without stabilization phase: An open label study 2009-08-13 2011-04-18 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00245 Complete A random-allocation graded dose-response study of intrathecal bupivacaine, levobupivacaine and ropivacaine for labor analgesia in nulliparous women
為頭產婦女分娩鎮痛脊髓內注射bupivacaine, levobupivacaine 和 ropivacaine的隨機分配分量反應硏究
2009-12-22 2016-08-04 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00257 Complete A pilot study to evaluate the relationship between intracranial pressure, ocular pulse amplitude and spontaneous venous pulsation 2009-12-23 2014-05-05 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00260 Suspended Strategies To Prevent Renal Trauma – “START” trial: An Investigation on the Effect of Different Treatment Protocols in Minimizing Renal Injury during Extracoroperal Shock Wave Lithotripsy. 2010-02-11 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00248 Complete A randomized trial comparing patching versus acupuncture for amblyopia in 7 to <13 years old 2010-02-17 2011-03-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00258 Complete Safety and efficacy of using acupuncture as an adjunct to optical correction for amblyopia in children aged 3 to <7 2010-02-18 2011-03-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00256 Complete Prospective randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of topical Xylocaine gel versus Alcaine eye drops in the pain control in LASIK Surgery 2010-03-16 2012-04-18 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00263 Complete A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial comparing efficacy of Hybrid Bipolar transurethral vaporization and resection of prostate with Bipolar transurethral resection of prostate 2010-04-07 2013-12-18 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00261 Complete Safety and efficacy of using acupuncture as an adjunct to optical correction for amblyopia in children aged 3 to <7:A randomized controlled trial 2010-05-12 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00262 Complete A randomized controlled trial comparing the treatment effects of patching versus acupuncture plus patching on amblyopia in patients of 7 to <13 years old 2010-05-13 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00265 Unknown The effect of a mindfulness based stress reduction programme on immune status in caregivers with chronic psychosocial stress in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trial 2010-05-25 2012-10-22 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00138 Unknown Serial Echocardiographic Assessment of Early Right Ventricular Dysfunction by Tissue Doppler Echocardiography & its Impact on Left Ventricular Function
利用組織多普勒超聲波, 對早期的右心室功能不全, 以及其對左心室功能的影響, 進行一系列的超聲波評估
2010-06-04 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00267 Complete A randomized, controlled clinical trial: The effects of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on generalized anxiety disorder and health service utilization in primary care 2010-06-18 2015-08-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00266 Complete Prevention of anxiety and depression in Chinese: a randomized clinical trial testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped care programme in primary care 2010-06-18 2011-06-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00268 Complete Pharmacogenomics of nicotinic acid with laropiprant in Hong Kong Chinese patients with dyslipidemia 2010-06-30 2013-01-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00250 Unknown Impact of Left Ventricular Asynchrony in the Development of Acute Heart Failure Decompensation in Patients with Systolic Dysfunction 2010-07-06 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00251 Complete MAtilda Hospital and Chinese University Shock Wave therapy for Ischemic Myocardium (MACUSWIM)
2010-07-06 2012-12-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00252 Unknown Cardiac Contractility Modulation for the Treatment of Heart Failure in Non-responders of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
2010-07-06 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00255 Unknown Mechanistic Assessment of Changes in Cardiac Function by Cardiac Contractility Modulation by Multi-modality Echocardiographic Imaging
2010-07-06 2014-01-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00264 Complete Efficacy of Rivastigmine Transdermal Patch in Dementia Patients who do not benefit from Oral Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors (AChIs) 2010-07-16 2011-10-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00274 Complete Randomized double-blind investigation of glycopyrrolate as an adjunct to phenylephrine for maintenance of maternal blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section 2010-10-25 2012-03-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00271 Complete Prospective Randomized Evaluation of the Haemodynamic Effects in the Ipsilateral Upper Extremity after an Ultrasound Guided Axillary or Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block 2010-10-25 2012-11-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00275 Complete Analgesic efficacy of intra-articular magnesium after arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction 2010-11-10 2010-11-10 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00276 Unknown Persistent Pain After Surgery: Incidence, Impact and Risk Factors 2010-11-11 2015-01-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00272 Complete A randomized controlled trial of intravitreal bevacizumab monotherapy versus triple therapy with half fluence verteporfin photodynamic therapy and intravitreal bevacizumab and triamcinolone acetonide for the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration 2010-11-30 2014-05-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00277 Recruiting A randomized study of surgical intervention for mild childhood obstructive sleep apnoea – neurocognitive perspective
2010-12-21 2019-09-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00279 Suspended A prospective randomized double-blinded placebo controlled study on the effects of adjuvant tamsulosin OCAS in the treatment outcome of patient receiving extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for renal calculi 2010-12-22 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00280 Complete A prospective study to investigate the effect of different treatment protocols on renal injury during extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy 2010-12-22 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00283 Unknown A randomised, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate the effect of Aloe Vera Examination Gloves, compared to Standard Powder Free Nitrite Examination Gloves, on trans-epidermal water loss and hand dermatitis among health care workers 2011-03-04 2012-05-16 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00278 Complete Effectiveness of Psychological First Aid training in improving self-efficacy and mental health outcomes for Chinese emergency responders: A Randomized Controlled Trial 2011-03-24 2012-05-16 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00286 Unknown A prospective study of the effectiveness of incisionless office remedial myringoplasty with preserved temporalis fascia in early post-myringoplasty graft failure 2011-05-07 2013-07-04 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00284 Unknown A randomized controlled trial of leisure activity intervention on preservation of cognitive and everyday function in Chinese older adults with early cognitive decline 2011-05-12 2012-06-28 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00288 Complete Clinical Investigation of a two-herb recipe for the Treatment of Chronic Non-healing Ulcers 2011-05-16 2015-08-27 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00296 Unknown Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Adaptive-support Ventilation ,INTELLiVENT-ASV and physician-led weaning on weaning patients cardiac surgery patients. 2011-08-12 2015-01-14 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00297 Complete Electroacupuncture and Wrist Splinting for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Randomized Trial in Primary Care Setting 2011-09-08 2015-08-18 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00298 Complete Short stay transurethral prostate surgery: A randomized controlled trial comparing bipolar transurethral vaporization of prostate with monopolar transurethral resection 2011-09-22 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00300 Complete Music therapy on pain and stress reduction during transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval: a randomized controlled trial 2011-09-30 2012-11-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00299 Complete A prospective randomized double-blinded placebo controlled study on the effects of shockwave therapy in patients suffered erectile dysfunction 2011-10-04 2014-04-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00281 Unknown PREDICT-CRT - Predict Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Response by a Multi-parametric Model 2011-10-11 2014-11-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00282 Unknown Schematic Identification of Predictors of Treatment Non-Responders in Patients with Systolic Heart Failure 2011-10-11 2014-11-29 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00302 Complete randomised controlled trial of vaginal ring pessary versus conservative management in women with pelvic organ prolapse 2011-11-15 2015-02-03 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00306 Unknown The effect of weight reduction on obstructive sleep apnoea in obese children: a randomized controlled study 2011-11-24 2015-08-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00308 Complete Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Adaptive-support Ventilation with Routine Weaning Protocol after valve Surgery 2011-11-24 2014-11-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00310 Unknown SMartPilot guided Anesthesia and Recovery Trial (SMART): A Pilot study 2011-11-25 2013-01-17 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00285 Complete Interventions to promote cataract surgery in people with the operable cataract in a rural area, northwest of China: a randomized controlled study 2011-11-28 2012-12-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00291 Complete Use of a new method of vasopressin injection compared to placebo in Hysteroscopic myomectomy. A prospective randomized double-blind controlled study 2011-11-29 2014-08-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00301 Complete Thoracic Paravertebral Block for Breast Cancer Surgery: Effects on Cancer Recurrence and Long Term Survival
not applicable, retrospective study, patient will be contacted by phone, consent waived
2011-12-08 2020-03-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00311 Complete The role of weight reduction on the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms in obese male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia 2012-01-04 2015-07-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00313 Recruiting Ovarian response in poor ovarian responder: a randomized controlled trial on the effect of mid-follicular phase recombinant luteinizing hormone versus low dose urinary human chorionic gonadotrophin supplement on in-vitro fertilization cycles. 2012-02-03 2015-07-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00314 Unknown Prospective Observational Study of Perioperative Stroke: A Pilot Study 2012-02-28 2015-04-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00315 Complete Randomized Evaluative Study of Phenylephrine Or Norepinephrine for maintenance of blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean Delivery: The RESPOND study 2012-03-16 2015-04-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00317 Unknown A Novel Pharmacological Treatment of Intermittent Claudication in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Randomized Double-blind Placebo-control Trial of Traditional Chinese Medicine Salviae miltiorhizae(Danshen) and Puerariae lobatae (Gegen) 2012-04-23 2015-06-10 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00319 Unknown Statins and White Matter Lesion Progression: A Randomised, Open-Label, Parellel Group Study 2012-04-24 2015-08-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00316 Unknown Prospective comparative study on Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS) – Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration (FNA) using the 22G Conventional needles or Procore Needles without immediate on-site cytopathologic examination. 2012-04-24 2013-05-26 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00320 Unknown Cardiovascular Reserve in Patients with Systemic Autoimmune Diseases 2012-05-17 2014-11-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00324 Complete Effect of an innovative herbal supplementation on oxidative stress and muscle micro-damage after exercise in healthy males: a double-blinded crossover-designed experimental study 2012-06-15 2014-04-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00322 Complete Impact of Electrocoagulation versus a gelantine-thrombin matrix sealant (FloSeal©) on ovarian reserve after laparoscopic stripping of ovarian endometriomas
2012-07-03 2021-07-22 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00323 Recruiting The effect of local injury to the endometrium on pregnancy rate for patients undergoing natural-cycle frozen-thawed embryo transfer: a randomized study
2012-07-19 2017-06-05 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00330 Complete Closed-loop feedback computer-controlled phenylephrine for maintenance of blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section: randomized comparison of automated bolus versus infusion 2012-07-25 2015-04-06 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00327 Complete Acupuncture for pelvic/low back pain during pregnancy 2012-07-26 2015-08-27 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00329 Complete Prospective contralateral eye comparison of different LASIK flap thickness
2012-07-30 2016-04-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00328 Complete Comparative Evaluation of Side Cut Angles during Femtosecond LASIK
2012-07-30 2016-04-13 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00331 Recruiting Prospective Randomized Comparison of the Block Dynamics after a Traditional Landmark Based and Ultrasound Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block
2012-08-06 2021-08-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00333 Complete The value of four-dimensional hystero-salpingo-contrast-sonography (HyCoSy) in the assessment of tubal patency
經陰道子宮輸卵管四維超聲造影 (HyCoSy) 對輸卵管暢通性的診斷價值
2012-09-07 2018-11-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00340 Complete An exploratory study on the effects of Integrated Attention training for healthy older Chinese adults with subjective cognitive complaints but no clinical dementia
2012-09-27 2013-10-15 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00339 Unknown Effectiveness of Acupuncture for the Treatment of Post-Stroke Dysphagia: A Pragmatic Trial Comparing Real Acupuncture Treatment with Waiting List
2012-10-10 2013-11-11 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00341 Unknown Internet-based mindfulness programme for the promotion of public mental health: Randomised controlled trial
2012-10-11 2015-07-30 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00342 Complete Lifestyle intervention using an internet-based curriculum with cell phone reminders among obese Chinese adolescents: A randomized controlled pilot study
2012-10-25 2013-11-21 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00344 Unknown Bleach bath and S. aureus in childhood onset moderate-to-severe eczema
漂沐浴 (Bleach Bath) 對濕疹病童接受水平及金黃葡萄球菌的治療情況
2012-11-05 2014-12-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00347 Unknown The effect of acupressure in managing agitation on nursing home resident with dementia
2012-12-13 2015-01-15 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00348 Unknown A brief integrated sleep-focused treatment for persistent sleep disturbances in residual depression: An assessor-blind, parallel group, randomized controlled study
2012-12-13 2015-02-07 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00350 Recruiting Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy as Primary versus Secondary Treatment in Acute Dacryocystitis
2013-01-08 2015-04-08 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00355 Recruiting A cohort study for screening subclinical brain lesion for stroke and dementia using automated computerized retinal image analysis system for community-based elderly population in Hong Kong
2013-01-18 2016-11-24 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00353 Unknown Interactions of herbs with statin drugs and potential mediation by drug transporters
2013-01-19 2014-02-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00352 Unknown Pharmacokinetic interaction between rosuvastatin and telmisartan
2013-01-19 2014-02-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00354 Unknown Effect of probucol on reducing cardiovascular risk factors in Chinese patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia
2013-01-19 2014-02-20 Detail History
CUHK_CCT00351 Unknown Percutaneous Left Atrial Appendage Closure for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
2013-01-22 2014-02-23 Detail History