Chloe Kei-Ming KWOK

Ms. Kwok worked more than five years in Centre for Clinical Research and Biostatistics (former Centre for Clinical Trials) CUHK, is currently Clinical Trials Manager of the centre. Ms. Kwok is a Certified Clinical Research Professional of the Society of Clinical Research Association (SoCRA) in US 2010 and received clinical project management (CPM) training in 2012. In 2013, she also completed training for “药物临床试验质量管理规范” of China.

Ms. Kwok has experiences in managing clinical trials projects which sponsored by Japan, Canada and US pharmaceutical companies and was the monitor of multi-centre trials. Her experiences also included managing daily operation of clinical trial registry, writing SOP, training staff, conducting audit visit, etc.



郭小姐于香港中文大学临床研究及生物统计中心(前临床试验中心)任职超过五年, 现时为该中心的临床试验经理。郭小姐于2010年考获美国的临床研究协会(SoCRA)专业临床研究员的认证 (Certified Clinical Research Professional, CCRP),亦于2012年接受了临床项目管理之培训。在2013年,她也完成了中国 “药物临床试验质量管理规范”的培训。

郭小姐拥有管理由日本、加拿大和美国的制药公司赞助之临床试验项目的经验, 同时曾担任多中心试验的监测员。她亦于管理临床试验注册处之日常操作、撰写标准工作规程、培训人员及进行稽查视访等方面有相关经验。