The Centre for Clinical Research and Biostatistics (CCRB, the former “Centre for Clinical Trials”) is a research centre under the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, providing quality clinical and biostatistical research services to both industry sponsors as well as individual investigators who are interested in clinical drug trials and medical devices development. The research and services include methodological, biostatistical and bioinformatics development. We also works closely with the various international, regional and local cooperative groups in the management of multi-centre clinical trials. We have expanded to cover especially point-of-care devices development that leverage on our biostatistics capability to enhance advanced technology for screening, health promotion and disease prevention.

  1. To support clinical research programs that will lead to the reduction of incidence, morbidity and mortality of vaious diseases.
  2. To undertake clinical research and biostatistics methodological development especially for Asia specific issues as well as for global health problems.
  3. Serving the community by providing an ethical and efficient platform for drug and device development.