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Welcome to our website! We are a group of investigators working in the exciting field of bioinformatics and statistical genetics. We started out from developing statistical genetic methodologies, and propose methods to fill in gaps in data analytics such as modeling gene-gene interactions, rare variant association tests, and prediction modellings. Study design is crucial for the later research findings, and we began to involved in data collection in collaboration with many wonderful scientists and clinicians, in the area of Alzheimer’s Disease genetics and influenza genetic epidemiology.


The area of influenza genetics was started by accident in 2011 from a collaboration. After analyzing the viral sequences and published about 8-10 papers, we were sure of a significant research gap in this area - the lack of quantitative methods to direct vaccine design. So we propose bioinformatics algorithms to guide the vaccine pathogen to track flu virus mutations. We are at a unique position with close interaction to the best microbiologist and virologist, and together we dream to bring bioinformatics into influenza vaccine development and improve the protection of every flu shot.